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Sarah Bulloch


Sarah is a social researcher who is passionate about methods, with expertise in qualitative and quantitative methods, as well as in mixing the two. 

Having applied multiple and multinomial logistic regressions, as well as multilevel and structural equation modelling in her PhD at the University of Surrey, UK, she started her research career as a quantitative social scientist. Since then, she has also worked on research projects with qualitative materials, supported by software, including the analysis of video during post-doctorate research with the QUIC team at the CAQDAS Networking Project. As co-investigator on an Economic and Social Research Council research grant at the University of Southampton, UK, Sarah explored both qualitative writings from the Mass Observation Archive and British Household Panel Survey data, to undertake longitudinal mixed-methods analysis. 


Sarah has knowledge and experience of research in different contexts, having worked in the academic, voluntary, government and private sectors. She undertook two postdoctoral research fellowships, worked on contracts with government and small businesses, and in policy and practice-based research as Research Manager for the disability charity Scope. 

Throughout her jumping from sector to sector and from method to method, Sarah's constant has been her love of teaching and learning; finding ways of making the most of data. Her teaching experiences ranges from social capital, trust, volunteering, gender and disability issues, to methodology. She currently teaches introductory and advanced workshops in a range of qualitative data analysis software packages, as well as teaching quantitative analysis using SPSS.


Sarah teaches in both English and German.


Sarah has published in a range of fields with a range of methodologies. 

Sarah Bulloch
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